Yavapai County 2022 Override Election

Override Election Checklist and Timeline for November 8, 2022 General Election
05/12/22 -180 180 Day Notice to County Elections notifying of special election on November 8, 2022
06/11/22 -150 SCHOOL DISTRICT can call for an election at this time or earlier. SCHOOL DISTRICT notify County School Office of call for election as soon as resolution is adopted. 35-453
06/11/22 -150 SCHOOL DISTRICT deadline to call for an election. County School Office notifies County Elections Department and Recorder’s Office of special election. If requested, proposition numbers assigned by Elections Department
07/11/22 -120 SCHOOL DISTRICT email County school Office with resolution signed by Governing Board. Resolution to include ballot language and appropriate exhibits in preparation for special election. 15-491
07/11/22 -120 SCHOOL DISTRICT Governing Board sends written request for County School Office to (1) order precinct registers from County Recorder OR advising the County School Office that the SCHOOL DISTRICT will be responsible for ordering and delivering to polling sites; (2) request mail list of registered electors in the district from Voter Registration and (3) arrange for mailing of Information Pamphlet. This maybe included in Board Resolution ordering election.
07/11/22 -120 County School Office notifies Elections, Recorder and Board of Supervisors of call for election. The County School Office arranges for printer, certified translator, labeling company and a mailing company.
07/11/22 -120 SCHOOL DISTRICT places Pro/Con notices in area newspapers upon receipt of the resolution and call for election. Response deadline will be approximately 88 days before election. Pro/con notices must appear four (4) consecutive times in a newspaper of general circulation in the District. 35-454
07/11/22 -120 RECORDER mails out 120 day election notice postcard 16-166
07/13/22 -118 SCHOOL DISTRICT – Submit required to be included in the bond pamphlet. Ballot Language due to County Elections. 35-454; 15-491;
07/21/22 -110 SCHOOL DISTRICT – provide mail permit number if SCHOOL DISTRICT’s permit is to be used for mailing of Information Pamphlet OR request to use county permit. If district mail permit number will be used, verify that the annual permit fee has been paid for the year and sufficient postage is available.
07/31/22 -100 County School Office requests mail list from Yavapai County Recorder with mailing data and polling locations for registered voters.
08/05/22 -95 SCHOOL DISTRICT Preparation of Notice of Election and Affidavit of Posting for School District. 15-403
08/05/22 -95 SCHOOL DISTRICT AND LEGAL COUNSEL prepares First Draft of Informational Pamphlet for County School Office Initial Review
08/10/22 -90 SCHOOL DISTRICT – Post election notices and file affidavit of posting with County School Office 15-403
08/12/22 -88 Deadline for area residents and district governing board to submit their signed 200 word PRO or CON argument to County School Office. Please note the deadline date is subject to change. Verify the actual deadline with the County School Office. 35-454
08/15/22 -85 SCHOOL DISTRICT submit ballot question to Arizona Legislative Council for review. The Arizona Legislative Council shall notify the SCHOOL DISTRICT within 10 calendar days if the ballot language does not comply with state statute. 15-491.H
08/29/22 -71 County School Office sends Information Pamphlet to printer
09/18/22 -50 County School Office – verify mail list request with County Recorder. Information needed 10 days prior to pamphlet mail deadline date
09/24/22 -45 Yavapai County Recorder submits mailing list to labeling and mailing vendors.
10/11/22 -28 Last day to register to vote 16-121
10/12/22 -27 Early voting starts/Early Ballots will be mailed to voters on the Permanent Early Voter List or for early ballot requests 16-541/16-545
10/13/22 -26 Information Pamphlets to Recorder for inclusion with out-of-state ballot requests.
10/28/22 -11 Last day to request an Early Ballot to be mailed 16-542.D
11/01/22 -7 Elections Department – perform Logistics and Accuracy test. County School Office will send a representative to observe the L&A test on behalf of the district. SCHOOL DISTRICT may also send a witness to observe the L&A test. 16-449
11/04/22 -4 Last day to vote early 16-542.D
11/07/22 -1 Emergency early voting ends at 5:00 p.m. 16-542.H
11/08/22 0 **ELECTION DAY** 16-204
11/13/22 5 County School Office – Provide Report of Special Election Results to SCHOOL DISTRICT (Tentative)
11/14/22 6 First day to CANVASS ELECTION RETURNS. The canvass is not complete until it is presented to the Board of Supervisors. 15-493
11/14/22 6 County School Office – Provide Bond Information Pamphlet to the County Treasurer
12/08/22 30 SCHOOL DISTRICT prepares Report of Special Election Results. Provide one copy to ADE and two copies to County School Office.
12/08/22 30 Last day to canvass returns 15-493
12/08/22 30 County School Superintendent declares results of election 15-426
12/08/22 30 Provide pamphlet and canvass to Yavapai County Treasurer
12/08/22 30 County School Office submits the Information Pamphlet to the Arizona Department of Revenue 35-454.A.3
01/05/23 58 Deadline for County School Office to submit report to president of the Senate and speaker of the House for mail ballot elections only. 16-409

Contact Information: Jenn Nelson, Education Elections Coordinator, Yavapai County School Superintendent’s Office, (928) 442-5138 or Email Jenn at jenn.nelson@yavapai.us