Yavapai County 2022 Governing Board Election

Governing Board Election Checklist and Timeline for November 8, 2022 General Election
Candidates must file a Candidate Statement of Interest before collecting any petition signatures. Nomination Paper and Nomination Petitions are filed together during the filing period between June 13, 2022 through July 11, 2022 16-311
03/14/22 Governing Board Packets are now available. Candidates have the option to file a Committee Statement of Organization 16-311; 16-322; 16-906
06/11/22 -150 First date for candidate to file nomination petitions and nomination paper with the County School Superintendent’s Office. Since June 11, 2022 is a Saturday the first day to file petitions in-person will be Monday, June 13, 2022 16-311
07/11/22 -120 Last date for candidates to file nomination petitions and nomination paper with the County School Superintendent’s Office 16-311
07/25/22 -106 Deadline to file as a write in candidate for any election that may be cancelled 16-312
07/25/22 -106 Last date to Challenge nomination petitions (10 days after the filing deadline of 07/11/2022 excluding weekends) 16-351
07/26/22 -105 Board of Supervisors may cancel uncontested board elections. if an election may be cancelled because only one person filed or no person filed a nominating petition by the deadline date, the deadline to files as a write in candidate is 106 days before the election. Pursuant to 15-424.E the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, no earlier than 105 days before the election, may cancel the election for that office and that office is then deemed vacant and shall be filled as provided in 15-302. 15-424 E
07/29/22 -100 County School Superintendent shares Governing Board Candidate information with County Elections Department *
08/05/22 -90 County School Superintendent to prepare documents for Board of Supervisors regarding district board elections that may be cancelled, including any board election that should not be cancelled because the district has called for another election. *
08/19/22 -81 County School Superintendent to prepare correspondence to district superintendents regarding board elections that may be cancelled. *
09/21/22 -48 Last date for a candidate to submit their 500 word statement and/or photograph 15-421
09/28/22 -41 .500 word statements (verbatim) and recent photographs posted on the County School Superintendent’s website. 15-421
10/11/22 -28 Last date to register to vote. 16-120
10/12/22 -27 Early Voting begins 16-545
10/28/22 -11 Last day to request an Early Ballot to be mailed 16-542.D
11/04/22 -4 Last day to vote early in-person 16-542.E
11/07/22 -1 Emergency early voting 16-542.H
11/08/22 0 ELECTION DAY 16-204
11/14/22 6 First day to canvass returns. The County School Superintendent and Chairman of the County of Board of Supervisors must meet to canvass the return. 15-426
12/08/22 30 Last day to canvass returns.
12/08/22 30 Arizona School Board Association – listing of all newly elected board members.
Committee terminates when committee treasurer files a termination statement with the County School Superintendent’s Office. 16-934