Yavapai County 2021 Override Election

Recall Election Checklist and Timeline for 2022 Elections
09/23/2021 0 Committee files Statement of Organization and submits Application for Recall Petition Serial Number
01/21/2022 120 Committee files Original Recall Petitions with County School Superintendent’s Office within 120 days of Application 19-202 and 19-203C
01/31/2022 130 County School Superintendent’s Office has 10 days to verify and transfer petitions to the Yavapai County Voter Registration Department 19-208.01
04/01/2022 190 Yavapai County Recorder has 60 days to verify the petitions and return the results to the Yavapai County School Superintendent’s Office 19-208.02
04/03/2022 192 County School Superintendent’s Office has forty-eight (48) hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays or other legal holidays, to give written notice to the person against whom the recall petition is filed 19-207
04/08/2022 197 County School Superintendent’s Office has 5 business days to file petitions and notify Board of Supervisors of Official Filing 19-208.03A
04/17/2022 206 Elected Official being recalled may resign within 5 business days of official filing 19-209A and 19-207
04/27/2022 216 Elected Official being recalled has 10 days to submit defensive statement for inclusion on the Ballot 19-207
05/12/2022 231 County School Superintendent’s Office will request within 15 days a Call of Election from the Board of Supervisors to be held on the next consolidated election date pursuant to section 16-204 that is ninety days or more after the order calling the election 19-209A and 19-207
08/08/2022 321 Next consolidation election to be held 90 or more days after the Call for Election 19-209A abd 19-207
11/08/2022 County School Office prepares Notice of Election and an Affidavit of Posting. Submit to District for posting.
Contact Information: Jenn Nelson, Education Elections Coordinator, Yavapai County School Superintendent’s Office, (928) 442-5138 or Email Jenn at jenn.nelson@yavapai.us