Milestones Project

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The Milestones Project

The Milestones Project is designed to identify young people who are extremely high risk for violence either in schools, their homes, or within the community. The goal for the project is to involve parents or guardians with Milestones Project partners and community resources in interventions designed to prevent such violence.

This guide is a collaborative effort of the following:

● Public and Charter Schools
● Juvenile Court
● Local Law Enforcement
● West Yavapai Guidance Clinic
● Spectrum Health Care
● DES/Child Protective Services
● Community Counts
● You, the Parent!

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Violence

Are you concerned about your youth engaging in or being hurt by violence?
Help them find the right path.

Warning Signs

What do I look for?

  • Has learning problems; problems at school with other students, teachers
  • Has difficulty talking with you or friends
  • Does not show interest in school or home activities, has lots of free time
  • Is a loner at school, isolates at home
  • Involved in disciplinary actions at school
  • Appears to be a “victim” frequently
  • Uses drugs, alcohol
  • Has friends who are violent
  • Is involved with gangs
  • Is cruel to people or animals
  • Is exposed to violence in the home and/or has experienced personal violence
  • Commits violent acts or makes threats

Tips for Parents

What can I do?

  • Listen, listen, listen! Make it easy for your youth to talk to you. Listen to him/her
  • Support and encourage your youth to be involved in school/community activities, clubs, sports
  • Praise your youth when he/she makes good decisions; help him/her to problem-solve
  • Get involved in your youth’s school activities: volunteer, join the PTA
  • Set house rules with clear rewards (privileges) and consequences
  • Talk to your youth about drugs and their effects
  • Monitor your youth’s exposure to violence in television, movies, video  games, music
  • Spend time with your youth!


Who can I turn to for help?

Prescott Area Resources

  • Catholic Charities 928-778-2531
  • Dept. of Economic Security 928-277-2800
  • SW Behavioral Health Services 928-717-1800
  • West Yavapai Guidance Clinic 928-445-5211
  • Yavapai Community Health 928-583-1000
  • Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe 928-515-7358
  • Yavapai Regional Medical Center 928-445-2700
  • Spectrum Health Care 928-634-223

Verde Valley Area Resources

  • Catholic Charities 928-634-4254
  • Cottonwood Health Clinic 928-639-8132
  • Dept. of Economic Security 928-649-6800
  • Spectrum Health Care 928-634-2236
  • Verde Valley Medical Center 928-634-2251