We strive to provide quality services in all respects. This means continuously pursuing opportunities to create and sustain programs based on needs of each school, maintaining a positive relationship with schools, fostering trust and confidence of schools as well as seeking and assisting in procurement of education funding through grants and other available resources. We support schools and our agency team with whatever is needed to achieve success. We proudly offer the services below.

Substitute Consolidation

A partnership between the Yavapai County Education Service Agency and Educational Services, Inc., to support the countywide recruitment, training, hiring and management of top-tier substitute teachers for classrooms.


(CVP) Community Volunteer Program

Welcome to the Community Volunteer Program! Here, you can login with your account information to see the volunteer opportunities across the Quad-Cities and sign up to help! Use the links below to sign in or register.

For additional questions or help please call (928) 636-2493 or email chamber@chinovalley.org


Our e-Rate services support in procuring funds through the FCC’s Universal Service e-Rate Program. This program provides high-speed Internet access and up-to-date networking equipment for schools and libraries. e-Rate is highly rated in customer service and in creating the greatest value.


Special Projects

Innovation & Development YCESA works with districts and individual schools to develop long-term and short-term solutions to address their common needs. Through enhancement, collaboration and aggregation of resources we address school climate and safety, facility and technology needs, professional development, improved student achievement, staffing and materials, and other identified needs.


Development & Management Our staff assists districts and schools in individual grant funding opportunities including needs assessment, project development, grant search, alliance and partnership building, and application completion. We can also help with grant project, entitlement grants and fiscal management.


Nursing & Health

General Health services provide height, weight, hypertension and scoliosis screenings, puberty education, dental and general health screenings. We verify immunization records and compliance reporting. We are also VFC immunization providers and administer vaccines in the school setting. Our staff offers hearing and vision compliance reporting and screenings. Nursing Support Services  provide best practices, professional development and filling in health needs gaps when necessary.

Crisis Intervention & Resources

The YCESA Crisis Intervention Team is available to provide school-based intervention and support during a crisis. YCESA Crisis Team members are licensed and certified mental health professionals trained in the PREPaRE curriculum developed by the National Association of School Psychologists. 

Professional Development

We offer professional development opportunists for teachers, administrators and staff. These include leadership, evaluations, substitute teaching, teach recruitment and other needs as identified. Our goal is to provide to provide your staff with coordinated communication through a shared services model that promotes cost effective, timely and consolidated opportunities.

Special Needs Student Services

The YCESA Support Services clinicians are dedicated to addressing the individual needs of schools (preschool – 12th grade) and their students with learning challenges by developing collaboratively-based pre-referral strategies and evidence-informed interventions. The YCESA provides current assessment materials, best-practice special education, and ongoing professional development to staff and schools.  The YCESA employs certified and licensed staff to assist schools in addressing the individual needs of each student. The YCESA clinical staff provide compliant and best practice interventions in accordance with IDEIA and related regulations for students with disabilities. Our goal is to maintain the highest standard of service to schools and their caregivers. Licensed/Certified clinicians are available from the following disciplines: social work, professional counseling, school counseling, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, special education instruction, special education leadership and school psychology.