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Home Schooling Information

The following information is provided to help you understand the requirements to home school your child in Yavapai County.

View information to assist you in complying with Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS §15-802.B2) regarding students instructed at home.

School Conflict Resolution

The following is intended to provide you with the steps to assist in resolving any conflict you may encounter at your school.

First, determine if the issue is in the classroom or school wide? If it is a classroom issue, please discuss with the teacher. If it is school wide issue, please read on:

YC Enrollment Checklist

This information is intended to provide you with the steps to assist in student enrollment including the documents needed.

Enrollment Procedure PowerPoint  Additional Resources

Please contact our office at 928-771-3326 or your district offices if you have any further questions.

School District Governing Boards

Current School Board Information

Current Yavapai County district governing board members names, terms and meeting schedules.

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Governing Board Member FAQ

How do I become a Governing Board Member?

School district governing board members are selected by voters of the district. Members serve as public officers.

What does a Governing Board do?

Governing boards set goals, hire personnel, and establishes budgets, policies, curriculum, and goals for the district.

What is the pay for a Governing Board Member?

Governing Board Members receive no pay for their services.

What authority does a Governing Board have?

Their authority to make decisions is limited to being a part of a majority vote of the board when it is in session with a quorum present. At other times, governing board members have no more authority regarding the school than any other resident of the district.

How often do Governing Board Members run for election?

Members are elected in even-numbered years. Persons seeking election to the governing board must be registered voters who have lived in the school district for at least one year prior to Election Day and retain residency throughout their term. No employee of a school district or spouse of such employee may be a Governing Board Member. Nominating petitions may be taken out from the County School Superintendent’s office.

How can a Governing Board Member be recalled?

Members of governing boards are subject to recall after six months in office by the qualified electors of the school district. A person or organization intending to file a recall petition against a member of the governing board shall submit an application to the County School Superintendent.

How can I see an agenda or minutes from a Governing Board Meeting?

School district governing boards are subject to Arizona open meeting laws. Notices of meetings, including an agenda of the matters to be discussed or decided, must be available to the public at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, except in the case of an actual emergency. The minutes or a recording shall be open to public inspection three working days after the meeting. The board may hold certain discussions in executive session (not open to the public). Examples include discussions of employment, salaries, and consultations with attorneys for the district. A public vote shall be taken before any legal action binds the school district.

What happens when a Governing Board Member can’t fulfill his/her term?

Should a board member be unable to complete his/her term of office, the county school superintendent shall fill this vacancy by appointment. The term of the appointment shall be until the next regular election. If the superintendent deems it in the best interest of the community, he may call a special election to fill the vacancies.