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Regular Meeting Agenda June 2, 2023

Regular Meeting Agenda

Yavapai County Education Technology Consortium
Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda

Training Room 
2970 Centerpointe E Dr. 
Prescott, AZ 86301

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Friday, June 2, 2023 10:00 am 

Board Members may attend the meeting through the use of electronic means. Reasonable accommodations, under the Americans with Disabilities Act can be requested by contacting Jenn Nelson at 928-771-3326 or Jenn.Nelson@Yavapaiaz.gov


Welcome and Call to Order (President Epperson)

Establishment of Quorum and Pledge of Allegiance ( President Epperson)

Limited Call to the Public (President Epperson)

  • The public is invited to speak about any agenda item.
  • There is a limit of three (3) minutes per speaker and 20 minutes total.
  • Request to speak must be in writing and provided to the Clerk at the beginning of the meeting or prior to any agenda item.
  • The President has absolute discretion over procedural matters
  • The Board may waive their “Public Participation Policy” as it applies to all speakers.
  • Members of the public may indicate their support or opposition to a topic, in writing, that will be noted and entered into the record.
  • The Board may not respond to comments from the public, but may ask the facilitator to respond or place the item on a future agenda.

Discussion and Action Item of the Consent Agenda: All items on the Consent agenda
may be adopted as a whole with one motion, unless a member of the Board wishes to consider it separately. (President Epperson)

  1. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of March10, 2023
  2. Approval of the Meeting Agenda for June 2, 2023

Presentation, Discussion, Action Item: Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer Cummins)

  1. Internet Administrative Fee Revision. Staff is Suggesting a Reduction of the Per MB Cost from $.20 Cents to $.10 Cents, Effective July 1, 2023
  2. Develop a Strategy to Deal with Reduced “Student Free and Reduced Lunch Rate”, which is Driving Down the “Discount Rate” That is Used by E-rate in Determining the percentage of costs that E-rate will fund

Presentation, Discussion and Action Item: Review, Discuss, and Direction regarding the following:

• After the YCETC Board Awarded Sparklight with 37 locations in response to the first RFP for YCETC Broadband Services, Sparklight came to the realization that their Pricing was not competitive in the marketplace, and significantly reduced their pricing (~40% at some speeds/terms).
• If Lumen had responded to the 1st RFP, this would have become apparent at that time.
• Would the Board like to approach Sparklight regarding their new, lower pricing, and request their consideration in lowering their pricing to the consortium?
• YCETC is one of Sparklight’s largest customers, and customers with a much smaller purchase are enjoying much lower pricing.

Presentation, Discussion, Action Item: Update on Federal and State Technology Related Legislation, Forest Fee Management Association Funding, and the Status of E-Rate, and the Yavapai County Broadband Initiative. (Superintendent Carter and Mr. Vander Horst)

Presentation, Discussion, Action Item: Update on the YCETC Request to the Forest Fee Management Association (FFMA) for Funding of a Part Time Educational Technology Coordinator with Terms to be Determined. (Superintendent Carter)

Presentation, Discussion and Action Item: Review, Discuss, and Make Potential Award, of Internet Service Provider Proposals Received for Those YCETC Member Locations Not Previously Awarded by the Board. (Frank Vander Horst)

Presentation, Discussion, and Action: The Following Board Members have terms Ending on June 30, 2023; Corey Christians (Library), Gary Cummins and Kathy Epperson (IT). Matt Schumacher (Group 3) is Moving to a Group 2 School. The Board will need to Call for Electronic Nominations and an Electronic Election for each Group. (Superintendent Carter)

Information, Discussion and Action Item: The Board May Add Future Meeting Dates at the YCESA Room

  1. September 8, 2023 – 10am 
  2. December 8, 2023 – 10am 

Action Item: Adjournment (President Epperson)