Fifteen (15) candidates seeking vacant Prescott Unified School District Governing Board position.

Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter is pleased to announce that fifteen (15) candidates have provided information necessary to be considered for the vacancy being left by long time Prescott Governing Board Member, John Mackin, who is moving with his family to Waco, Texas.

The candidates are listed in the order received, with a very brief background;

  • Andy Nelson, DC, chiropractor, parent, grandparent, resident 20+ years.
  • George Jaeger Ed.D., retired, high school and college instructor.
  • Gary Freed, B.S., retired certified public accountant, member State Board of Accountancy.
  • Daniel Yamauchi, J.D., lawyer, parent, raised in Prescott, graduate of PHS, resident since 2019.
  • Nicki Pacheco, B.S., parent, former educator in a charter school, resident just over 1 yr.
  • Tracy Smiles, Ph.D, retired university professor, parent, president AAUW(Prescott).
  • Rand Lane, B.S. , M.Ed., former governing board member in Cave Creek, retired educator.
  • Linda Conn, M.S, school counseling, 18 yrs. in law enforcement and 25 yrs. in public education.
  • Demitra Manjoros, M.D., retired surgeon, parent, resident since 2014.
  • Sarah Thompson, Bachelors candidate, full time mother and student, resident since 2013.
  • John Duncan, Prescott native, 1998 graduate of Prescott HS, attending Yavapai College.
  • Jill Martin, B.A., parent, manages online training company, resident since 2009.
  • Jessica Matthews, M.D., emergency room physician, parent, resident since 2008.
  • Troy Cook, A.S., B.S., retired law enforcement, current realtor, resident for several years.
  • Sarah Vincent, B.S., M.Ed., educ. director Highlands Center, resident since 2014.


Superintendent Carter will schedule hour long, individual, private one on one interviews with each candidate on Monday (26th) or Tuesday(27th) at the PUSD District Office.

Mr. Carter will then be available at the PUSD District Office to meet with individual members of the public between 8 am and 11 am and then from 1 pm to 3 pm on Wednesday (28th) on a first come, first serve basis, for meetings of ten minutes or less, to listen to public comments about preferences for the Governing Board. Residents of the district may also email, or text (928.925.6560) or fax (928-771-3329).

Superintendent Carter will meet individually with Governing Board Members and school administration and staff on Thursday from 1 to 4 pm.

The selection will be announced on Friday (30th) to the media and on the agency website at A ceremonial swearing-in has been scheduled for 5 pm, on Tuesday, August 3rd at the PUSD Governing Board meeting.