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Meeting Minutes Tuesday Oct. 27, 2020

Yavapai County Educational Technology Consortium (YCETC)
Board of Directors  Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 –  10am

YCESA – training room – Zoom
2970 Centerpointe E Dr, Prescott 86301

Board Members and the Public May Attend by Telephonic or Electronic Means.  Call 928-442-5692. No Code is Needed.

Attending Members – P=Present; EX=Previous notice of absence; ABS=No previous notice of absence
Board MembersYCETC TitleSept. 4Oct. 27Dec. 11March 26June 18
Tim CarterEx Officio FacilitatorPP  
Gary CumminsInstructional Technology Rep.PP  
Kathy EppersonInstructional Technology Rep.PP  
Christine GriffinGroup 3 School Rep.PP  
Bob WeirGroup 2 School Rep.EXP  
Marvy McNeeseGroup 1 School RepPP  
John MorganYavapai College Rep.PEX  
Corey ChristiansLibrary Rep.PP  
Bill SakelariosCharter Rep.PP  

Also present were: Frank Vander Horst – YCESA, Stan Goligoski – YCESA, Lori Bomar – Yarnell Elementary, Jenn Nelson – YCESA


Call to Order (President Epperson)

President Epperson called the meeting to order at 10:01am

Welcome and Establishment of Quorum (President Epperson)

A quorum was established.

Pledge of Allegiance (President Epperson)

Presentation, Discussion and Action Item: Broadband Marketing Pricing (Mr. Goligoski and Mr. Vander Horst)

Stan and Frank advised the board that Sparklight (Cable One) now has a state contract that would drastically reduce pricing for broadband for the Type 1 schools, those that have broadband running to them. Pricing for Type 1 schools could drop down to as low as .60 cents. Mayer USD has brought this pricing contract to Stan and Frank’s attention. Type 1 schools would be able to get the state reduced contract pricing, but Type 2 schools (those who do not have direct broard band from Sparklight) would have an increase in pricing because they do not have direct broadband to them from Sparklight. A few options are: talk to Sparklight directly regarding options, if schools opt out for the state contract they would not be able to submit for E-Rate until July 2021, put it out for bid to see if all schools including Type 2 can receive reduced pricing. The board discussed that the Sparklight contract with YCETC is through 2023 with a blended rate for all schools that are members of YCETC, this means they lose money on Type 2 schools but gain money on Type 1 schools. Currently the contract with YCETC is for $3 a MB and the state contract will allow most of the YCETC members to leave the consortium and go to $.60 a MB. If those schools leave the consortium then it would significantly impact the contract. Even if the board puts it out for bid, Sparklight does not have to bid on it, or let YCETC out of the current contract. Frank advised the board if they go up to 20 gigs, they would still not be comparable to the state contract, anything over 20 gigs will go to $.67 and ½ cents. The board agreed that a group needs to be put together to enter in a discussion/negotiation with Sparklight to benefit the whole consortium, create and write a letter to all the members regarding negotiations and remind members that the consortium has saved an average of 87% for members. A letter to the schools will show that the board is transparent as possible, even allowing a public meeting regarding a contract. The board agreed to have President Epperson, Tim Carter, Frank Vander Horst and Stan Goligoski enter in a discussion/negotiation with Sparklight. The group will wait meet with Sparklight regarding negotiations and based on what Sparklight is willing to negotiate and what is most beneficial for the board and members. The board discussed lowering the range for the  top 4 districts (PUSD, HUSD, COCSD and Mingus) and leverage it out to continue savings for all across the board. Mr. Carter will have discussions with the superintendents, Stan, Frank, Kathy and Mr. Carter will create a letter to send out to the member districts/schools.

Christine Griffin made a motion to approve President Epperson, Tim Carter, Frank Vander Horst and Stan Goligoski enter in a discussion/negotiation with Sparklight; Bill Sakelarios seconded the motion; it was unanimously approved 7/0 by Kathy Epperson, Christine Griffin, Marvy McNeese, Bob Weir, Bill Sakelarios, Gary Cummins, Corey Christians.

Action Item: Adjournment

The board agreed to set another special meeting for November 20, 2020 at 10am.  President Epperson adjourned the meeting at 10:50 am