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Meeting Minutes Thursday May 28, 2020

Yavapai County Educational Technology Consortium (YCETC)
Board of Directors  Meeting Minutes

Thursday May 28, 2020 –  2pm

YCESA – training room – Zoom 
2970 Centerpointe E Dr, Prescott 86301

Board Members and the Public May Attend by Telephonic or Electronic Means.  Call 928-442-5692. No Code is Needed.

Attending Members – P=Present; EX=Previous notice of absence; ABS=No previous notice of absence
Board MembersYCETC TitleDec. 6Jan . 31Feb. 28March 23May 28
Tim CarterEx Officio FacilitatorPPPPP
Gary CumminsInstructional Technology Rep.PPPPP
Kathy EppersonInstructional Technology Rep.PEXPPP
Christine GriffinGroup 3 School Rep.PPPPP
Bob WeirGroup 2 School Rep.EXEXPPP
Marvy McNeeseGroup 1 School RepPPPPP
John MorganYavapai College Rep.PPPPP
Corey ChristiansLibrary Rep.EXPPPP
Bill SakelariosCharter Rep.PPEXPP

Also present were: Frank Vander Horst – YCESA Jenn Nelson – YCESA, Stan Goligoski – YCESA, Steve King – COCSD, Brian Nelson – Menlo, Steven Peterson – PUSD, Larry Fullmer – Chino Valley USD, Danny Brown – Clarkdale Jerome ESD


Call to Order (President Epperson)

President Epperson called the meeting to order at 10:05am

Welcome and Establishment of Quorum (President Epperson)

A quorum was established.

Pledge of Allegiance (President Epperson)

Limited Call to the Public

  • The public is invited to speak about any agenda item.
  • There is a limit of three (3) minutes per speaker and 20 minutes total.
  • Request to speak must be in writing and provided to the Clerk at the beginning of the meeting or prior to
    any agenda item.
  • The President has absolute discretion over procedural matters.
  • The Board may waive their “Public Participation Policy” as it applies to all speakers.
  • Members of the public may indicate their support or opposition to a topic, in writing, that will be noted
    And entered into the record.
  • The Board may not respond to comments from the public, but may ask the facilitator to respond or place
    the item on a future agenda.

There were no limited calls from the public.

Discussion and Action Items of the Consent Agenda:

All items on the Consent agenda may be adopted as a whole with one motion, unless a member of the Board wishes to consider it separately.

  1. Approval of the Minutes for February 28, 2020
  2. Approval of the Special Meeting Minutes for March 23, 2020
  3. Ratify the Election of Kathy Epperson and Gary Cummins as Instructional Technology Representatives to the Board of Directors for a New Term to Expire, June 30, 2023
  4. Ratify the Election of Corey Christians as the Library Representative to the Board of Directors for a New Term to Expire June 30, 2023

Christine Griffin made a motion to approve the consent agenda as presented; Marvy McNeese seconded the motion; Marvy McNeese, John Morgan, Christine Griffin, Kathy Epperson, Bob Weir, Bill Sakelarios unanimously voted 6/0; it was approved

Presentation – Recognition of the Extra Effort and Going Above and Beyond of YCESA Executive Director Stan Goligoski, in Supporting the Local Needs of Districts (Superintendent Steve King, Cottonwood Oak Creek School District) 

Mr. King presented Stan Goligoski with a plaque for their appreciation of his dedication to the students of Yavapai County. 

Presentation and Discussion – The Future of How Technology will be Delivered to Schools, Cities and Municipalities (Brian Nelson, Menlo) 

Brian Nelson presented the board with the vision of Menlo and the technological support that Menlo can provide to districts. 

Discussion and Action Item – Final Approval and Distribution of the Renewal of the Yavapai County Education Technology Consortium (YCETC) Inter Governmental Agreement for a Ten (10) Year Period, Effective July 1, 2020. Member Districts were Provided a Draft to Review and Offer Suggestions or Concerns. Minimal Suggestions were Received and Those Items Have all Been Incorporated in this Revised Document. Legal Counsel will be Available for a Phone Conference if Needed. (Superintendent Carter) 

Mr. Carter briefed the board that the IGA is in its final state, after having been reviewed by districts and their legal counsel. The board agreed that the final draft was sufficient and could be sent out for district’s Governing Boards for approval and signage.

Bob Weir made a motion to approve the IGA between YCETC and Member Districts for a 10-year period; Bill Sakelarios seconded the motion; Marvy McNeese, John Morgan, Christine Griffin, Kathy Epperson, Bob Weir, Bill Sakelarios, Gary Cummins unanimously voted 7/0; it was approved.

Presentation, Discussion and Action Item: Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer Cummins) 

  1. Finance Accounts – Good Standing all reconciled. 
  2. Overdue Client Access – Gary shared with the board that there is one entity that has been sent two notices to pay but there is lack of communication because of the current pandemic. The board agreed to not shut off services, but to continue sending notices until the payment is received, due to the current pandemic. 

Presentation, Discussion and Action Item: Potential Projects or Initiatives, and Potential Funding Requests to the Forest Fee Management Association (FFMA). (Stan Goligoski, and Frank Vander Horst)

Stan shared with the board the FFMA original requested amount for technology needs was $1.7 million but they were only able to fund $870 thousand, and there is still half of the request from member districts outstanding. The board discussed possible asking for the full $870k from FFMA or just a quarter of the original amount in the amount of $430k. Danny Brown, President of FFMA advised the board that with FFMA not receiving the full amount of secure rural funds, the board would be hesitant to encumber dollars they do not have, especially with encumbrance requests coming forth in the next FFMA meeting. The board agreed that they can ask for half of the remaining balance now with a caveat that when FFMA funds are available the rest of the remaining request would be encumbered for YCETC.

John Morgan made a motion to request from FFMA that they encumber $435,000 currently, and when FFMA receives their next disbursement the remaining $435,000 would be encumbered, for a total of $870,000; Bill Sakelarios seconded the motion; Marvy McNeese, John Morgan, Christine Griffin, Kathy Epperson, Bob Weir, Bill Sakelarios, Gary Cummins, Corey Christians unanimously voted 8/0; it was approved.

Discussion and Action Item: The Board will Add Future Meeting Dates

The board had recommended the following meetings.

  • September 4, 2020 10:00 AM – YCESA
  • December 11, 2020 10:00 AM – YCESA
  • March 26, 2021 10:00 AM – YCESA
  • June 18, 2021 10:00 AM – YCESA  

Action Item: Adjournment

President Epperson Adjourned the meeting at 4:03 pm.