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Meeting Minutes – July 27, 2018

Yavapai County Educational Technology Consortium (YCETC) Board of Directors

YCESA – Giffin/Taylor Training Room 2970 Centerpointe East Dr., Prescott, AZ 86301

Meeting Attendance – P=Present; EX=Previous notice of absence; ABS=No previous notice of absence
Board MembersYCETC TitleMar. 23April 20May 22July 09July 27
Tim CarterEx Officio FacilitatorPPPPP
Gary CumminsInstructional Technology Rep.PPPEXP
Kathy EppersonInstructional Technology Rep.PPPPP
Christine GriffinGroup 3 School Rep.PPPEXP
Bob WeirGroup 2 School Rep.NAPPPEX
Marvy McNeeseGroup 1 School RepPPPPP
John MorganYavapai College Rep.PPPPP
Corey ChristiansLibrary Rep.PPPPP
Bill SakelariosCharter Rep.PEXABSPP

Also present were: Stan Goligoski – YCESA, Frank Vander Horst – YCESA e-Rate, Jenn Nelson – YCESA

  1. Call to Order President Epperson called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM
  2. Welcome and Establishment of Quorum and Pledge of Allegiance. A quorum was established. The board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. Limited Call to the Public
    • The public is invited to speak about any agenda item.
    • There is a limit of three (3) minutes per speaker and 20 minutes total.
    • Request to speak must be in writing and provided to the Clerk at the beginning of the meeting or prior to any agenda item.
    • The President has absolute discretion over procedural matters.
    • The Board may waive their “Public Participation Policy” as it applies to all speakers.
    • Members of the public may indicate their support or opposition to a topic, in writing, that will be noted And entered into the record.
    • The Board may not respond to comments from the public, but may ask the facilitator to respond or place the item on a future agenda. There were no limited calls from the public.
  4. Discussion and Action Items of the Consent Agenda: All items on the Consent agenda may be adopted as a whole with one motion, unless a member of the Board wishes to consider it separately.
    1. Approval of the Agenda for July 27, 2018
    2. Approval of the Regular Meeting Minutes of July 09, 2018

    Marvy McNeese made a motion to approve the consent agenda; Bill Sakelarios seconded the motion; it was approved 7/0.

  5. Presentation, Discussion and Action Item- Legislative Update, Secure Rural Schools Act / Forest Fee Management Association Report. Mr. Carter discussed with the board that the national forest coalition has been working with 50 new members to continue secure rural schools funding.
  6. Presentation Discussion and Action Item: $1.8 Million Broadband Initiative Grant Update. Conversion Update: Stan Goligoski advised the board that they are having difficulty getting conversion dates from Cable One. Frank Vander Horst and Stan will be on weekly conference calls in order to ensure conversion begins and continues. The delayed conversion for entities has been inconvenient and members are becoming frustrated. Frank advised the board that the total members are below the FCC recommended bandwidth, there are 16 entities that have chosen not to join. Frank advised that the bandwidth can be made up to use the recommended amount with growth from current members, membership with municipalities and the nations. Frank discussed that the possibility of opening membership to private schools can also increase bandwidth. Frank and Stan have not pushed the county to join because of the slow conversion with Cable One. Frank advised the board that Cable One has not pushed the total usage of the bandwidth but that might change once the conversions are up to date. Tim Carter advised the board that Cable One has a contract that is not being fulfilled regarding conversions and that legal counsel could possibly send out a legal notice. The board discussed the need to determine long-term usage of funds and a possible retreat. Stan and Frank advised the board they would like the authority to provide a letter from legal counsel if it is necessary in the future with Cable One. Gary requested that he also be included in the weekly conference calls with Stan and Frank. The board agreed to hold a retreat prior to the next meeting to discuss the future of the board. Corey Christians made a motion to authorize Tim Carter, Stan Goligoski and Frank Vander Horst to seek legal counsel and send a letter to Cable One should it come to that; Gary Cummins seconded the motion; it was approved 7/0.
  7. Presentation Discussion and Action – Treasurer’s Report
    1. Checking Account Signers / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Update Frank advised the board that the EFT has been initiated and is working so far with the two- step approval process.
    2. Level of Audit Needed Gary and Tim advised the board that with additional funds coming in that there needs to be an upgrade in the audit process. Currently the audit process is a prepared financial statement that is completed by Gary and checked by Bagdad Unified School Districts Business Manager at no cost. Tim advised the board that there are options for future audits:
      1. Prepared Financial Statement – No Cost
      2. Compilation – CPA Cost
      3. Review – CPA Cost
      4. Audit – CPA Cost
      5. County Treasurer

    The board agreed that the audit process needs to be updated. The board was interested in hearing more information regarding the County Treasurer account, in which the funds will be audited by the County Audits. Tim will discuss this possibility with the county and get back to the board at the next meeting. .

  8. Discussion and Action – Ratify By-Law Change – On the Advice of Legal Counsel, it is Recommended that Article I – Purpose, Section F. Be Deleted (The 501 (C) 3 Provision) is no Longer Operable and Should be Removed. This Proposed Item Will Need to be Ratified by a Two Thirds Vote, to Become Operative. Corey Christians made a motion to approved the ratification of item 8 & 9; Christine Griffin seconded the motion; it was approved 7/0.
  9. Discussion, and Action Item: Ratified By-Law Change-On the Advice of Legal Counsel, it is Recommended that Article VI – General Provisions, be Amended to Add Section 4 to Read; YCETC Operates Under the Authority of an Intergovernmental Agreement, as an Educational Cooperative and Procurement Unit. It is NOT an Agency of Yavapai County Government. This Proposed Item Will Need to be Ratified by a Two Thirds Vote, to Become Operative.
  10. Discussion and Action Item: The Board has Agreed to Meet on the Following Dates; September 21, 2018 9:00 – 11:00 Retreat 11:00am regular meeting Novemer 30, 2018 9:00 YCESA March 1, 2018 9:00 YCESA June 14, 2018 9:00 YCESA
  11. Action Item: Future Agenda Topics The board agreed on the following future agenda topics: Level of Audit Needed, Retreat, 16 non-member entities, information regarding County Treasurer.
  12. Action Item: Adjournment
    1. President Epperson adjourned the meeting at 10:10 am