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Joint Meeting Minutes August 31, 2022

HUSD District Office – in person or zoom
6411 N Robert Rd. Prescott Valley 86314

Tuesday, June, 21, 2022 10:30 am 

Board Member Attendance – P=Present EX=Previous notice of absence ABS=No previous notice of absence
Board MembersRepresentingMarch 8 2022June 14 2022June 21 2022Aug. 31 2022Sept. 13 2022
Tim CarterEx Officio, Non- Voting FacilitatorPPPP 
Kellie BurnsGroup 1PPPP 
Dr. Stephanie MillerGroup 2PPPP 
Danny BrownGroup 3PPPP 
Dennis DeardenGroup 4PPPP 
Mardi ReadGroup 5PPPP 
Attending Members – P=Present; EX=Previous notice of absence; ABS=No previous notice of absence
Board MembersYCETC TitleMar 4June 3Aug 31Sept 9
Tim CarterEx Officio FacilitatorPPP 
Gary CumminsInstructional Technology Rep.PABSP 
Kathy EppersonInstructional Technology Rep.PPP 
Matthew SchumacherGroup 3 School Rep.PPP 
Mike WestcottGroup 2 School Rep.PPP 
Marvy McNeeseGroup 1 School RepPEXP 
John MorganYavapai College Rep.PEXP 
Corey ChristiansLibrary Rep.PPP 
Bill SakelariosCharter Rep.PPP 



Also present were: Jenn Nelson, John Scholl, Bill Stiteler

Yavapai County Forest Fee Management Association & Yavapai County Education Technology Consortium
Board of Directors
Joint Meeting Minutes

Welcome and Call to Order

President Brown and President Epperson called the meeting to order at 1:04 pm.

Establishment of Quorum and Pledge of Allegiance (President Brown)

A quorum was established. Due to conference call meeting President Brown dismissed the Pledge of Allegiance.

Limited Call to the Public (President Brown)

  • The public is invited to speak about any agenda item.
  • There is a limit of three (3) minutes per speaker and 20 minutes total.
  • Request to speak must be in writing and provided to the Clerk at the beginning of the meeting or prior to any agenda item.
  • The President has absolute discretion over procedural matters
  • The Board may waive their “Public Participation Policy” as it applies to all speakers.
  • Members of the public may indicate their support or opposition to a topic, in writing, that will be noted and entered into the record.
  • The Board may not respond to comments from the public, but may ask the facilitator to respond or place the item on a future agenda.

No call to the public.

4. Discussion and Action Item: Historical Perspective of both Organizations (Forest Fee Management Association and Yavapai Education Technology Consortium) Purpose and Past Priorities

Mr. Carter and both board presidents gave a historical background of each board and updated everyone on what the boards current activity. FFMA and YCETC have been in partnership providing funding for technology needs to districts.

5. Discussion Item: Discussion on the Future Direction of the Yavapai County Education Technology Consortium and what Potential support the Forest Fee Management Association could potentially provide. What Direction and Issues are Most Important Moving Forward. 

The boards had an open discussion about the needs of districts and the direction YCETC should move in, in order to provide the most support to schools. Both boards agreed that a consolidation of IT directors countywide will still be the most beneficial to all schools. Mr. Carter advised the boards that Yavapai College is still interested in partnering for consolidated IT services as well. The boards agreed that it is necessary to get back on track with bulk purchasing and providing staffing for technology. The boards agreed to get more IT director involvement to get their perspective on needs for districts. YCETC will discuss at their next meeting sending out a survey to districts and what it will include regarding services or devices or both.

Action Item: Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:26 pm.