2022 Candidate Statements

Cyndi Thomas


My name is Cyndi Thomas I thank you, the voters for entrusting me to be 1 of 5 voices to help lead and guide our local school district for the past 2 terms. I am running for a third term for the Chino Valley Unified School District #51 Governing Board; as part of the board, I currently serve as the President.

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As a fourth generation Arizonian, I am committed to the integrity and values of our community, and as a parent, I would like to continue to take an active role in the ongoing success of our local education system.  We have a strong school district with a mission to support our students, parents, teachers and staff.  With my experience as the Community Services Director for the Town of Chino Valley, I’m excited to offer my talents to help our school district adequately plan for the challenges of future growth within the district’s limited budget and funding sources.  I have held many leadership roles over the years; including, Parent Teacher Organizations, Youth Sports organizations, Church leadership positions, Service and Community Organizations; I am a 2010 graduate of Prescott Area Leadership

I believe the connection between parents and our school system is a relationship centered around our kids. Healthy relationships are powerful springboards for mutual achievement. They also require people feeling empowered to speak up and share in responsibility and transparency. That is not always easy or comfortable. Which is why I am unflinchingly committed to providing strong leadership and be both facilitator and arbiter of consistently building and maintaining a healthy relationship between parents and the school system.

My husband Mark and our children, Tyler and Bailey along with their families and our youngest son Mac, (who will be a senior at Chino Valley High School in the fall of 2022) have been a part of the Chino Valley Community for 18 years; my husband Mark has been apart of the Chino Valley High Football program for over 15 years. As an active community member, I believe that the vitality of our community lies in our children; we need to help facilitate our school children to grow into responsible mature adults to become the next leaders of our beautiful Chino Valley community.

The increasingly wild world of school board meetings, all over the country,  should have made my decision to run for a third term very difficult, but it instead made me more resolute than ever to continue to serve and lead.

 I am honored to have your support and your vote.  Thank you.

Sarah Vincent 

Re-elect Sarah Vincent for PUSD Governing Board member: Candidate Statement

Candidate at-a-glance:

  • Current Governing Board member for PUSD, appointed to the role by Tim Carter, Yavapai County Superintendent, in August 2021
  • Current Board Member of the Prescott Education Foundation
  • Current Education Director at the Highlands Center for Natural History
  • 10+ years of professional service in education with a focus on non-profit program administration, science education, and outdoor education
  • B.S. in Earth Science and M.Ed. in Secondary Education
  • Resident and active citizen of Prescott since 2014
  • 33-year-old loving mother to Sylvia (>1 year old) and wife of Andrew Zapushek
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I believe quality public education is foundational to the well-being of individuals and communities. When properly funded/supported and under thoughtful, experienced leadership public education can

  • Foster engaged and informed citizens
  • Train motivated and skilled workers &
  • Cultivate moral and kind neighbors

A Governing Board member is responsible to be of service to the district by taking a 10,000 ft view – ensuring accountability and oversight, as well as providing informed, respectful discussion that accounts for the will of the voters, the wisdom of the district leadership and staff, and most importantly, the well-being of the students.

As a current Governing Board member in good standing, professional in the field of education, champion of scientific literacy, accomplished student of Secondary Education, and a young mother of a future PUSD student, I believe our district would be best served by re-electing me.

Upon re-election, I will

  • Maintain integrity as a public servant and reaffirm my oath to serve the constitution of the United States of America and State of Arizona
  • Carry on with support, thoughtful consideration and accurate communication of the District’s strategic plan
  • Remain committed to public education, including advocating for proper funding and local control, the number one & two issues facing public education in Arizona and PUSD
  • Continue to encourage respectful engagement from parents and guardians of PUSD students – listening intently and striving to integrate the perspectives of all stakeholders in our multifaceted community
  • Persist in my reliance on educational experts and practitioners for guidance – consciously absorbing the day-to-day experience of teachers, support staff, administrators and actively studying educational resources
  • Most importantly, continue to prioritize a student-centered approach in every decision I make. I will continually rejuvenate my passion for the well-being and quality education of every student, every day, now and in the future.