Yavapai County Education Service Agency

The First Choice for Responsible Educational Services


Network with schools and districts throughout the county, paying attention to individual and common needs and goals.


Develop projects, programs, and partnerships to provide solutions and enhance resources.


Provide assistance, support and leadership to effect quality education opportunity for all students.

Our Mission

The Yavapai County Education Service Agency provides quality leadership, services, and support in response to identified and anticipated needs that will ensure the highest quality education for students.

We Believe

  • In being responsive to the needs of schools
  • In the benefits of partnership and collaboration
  • That organizational and personal excellence depends on continuous improvement
  • Quality service to education requires the highest level of honesty and integrity
  • Education is the single most important aspect in which any society can engage

Countywide Meetings

Upcoming Countywide Meeting Registration and Presentations

Press releases

Current events and news for the Yavapai County education community.

Broadband Initiative

This site provides factual information about bringing high speed broadband to unincorporated areas of Yavapai County 


The YCESA News is a monthly digital publication shared with educators, legislators, and the general education community.


The Yavapai County Education Service Agency provides central administration and support to school districts throughout Yavapai County. The superintendent is responsible for:

  • Managing all special school elections.
  • Filling vacancies on the governing boards of school districts and Yavapai College.
  • Reviewing annual financial reports, expenditure budgets, and revenue budgets.
  • Reviewing and processing all expense and payroll vouchers for 26 school districts.
  • Providing estimates of revenues in order to help determine local property tax rates for 26 school districts.
  • Overseeing approximately 1,000 home schooled students.
  • Assisting school districts in complying with state and federal statutes and regulations.
  • Educating students being held in county detention facilities.
  • Recording of teacher certifications.
  • Verifying and filing transcripts of legal boundaries of all school districts.
  • Assisting school districts with the legislative process.

Substitute Consolidation

A partnership between the Yavapai County Education Service Agency and Educational Services, Inc., to support the countywide recruitment, training, hiring and management of top-tier substitute teachers for classrooms.

The Milestones Project

The Milestones Project is designed to identify young people who are extremely high risk for violence either in schools, their homes, or within the community. The goal for the project is to involve parents or guardians with Milestones Project partners and community resources in interventions designed to prevent such violence.