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Professional Development

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Presentations | Workshops Offered by the YCESA


Learn the skills that make a Governing Board the most effective as it leads the school district.  Emphasis is placed on respective responsibilities of the board members and the superintendent as well as the following of the chain of command.

Teacher Performance Evaluations:

Learn how to implement the Arizona Framework for Measuring Educator Effectiveness utilizing a teacher evaluation process and form developed by Yavapai County educators.

Board Relationships

Learn the ways Governing Boards can work to develop or improve its relationships with the superintendent, district staff, and the community in an effort to maximize student achievement.

Principal Performance Evaluations

Learn how to implement the Arizona Framework for Measuring Educator Effectiveness utilizing a principal evaluation process and form developed by Yavapai County educators.

Open Meeting Law (OML) and Executive Session

Keep your Governing Board and school district out of trouble with the Arizona Attorney General by understanding and following the rules associated with the Open Meeting Law and the eight appropriate reasons for having Executive Sessions.  

Collaboration/Team Building

Define team building and collaboration and learn techniques to build long lasting teams, an environment for success and a culture of learning.

Building Communities

Explore the current reality of your community and develop techniques to improve community relationships and support.

Policies, Procedures, Protocols

Examine the atmosphere and culture as well as the effectiveness of your school/district by a close examination of the policies that have been adopted, the procedures that have been put into place to implement the policies, and the protocols that have been developed within the organization.

Vision and Mission Statements

Examine and transform your current Vision and Mission Statements to ensure they are constructed properly to guide the decision-making processes in the school district.

Strategic Planning

Compare the differences between long-range planning and strategic planning and develop a process to collaboratively develop and implement strategic priorities for your school or district.

Planning w/ SMART Goals

After assessing areas of strength and concern, keep your organization headed in the right direction by setting short and long term goals that are Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART).

Continuous School Improvement

Learn how to develop a school or district shared purpose, define their current reality, develop a plan for improvement and monitor the results in a cycle of success.

Reporting Requirements

Provide your staff members the requirements and timelines involved with the mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect as well as the penalties for failure to report.

Strength-Based Leadership Audits

Develop strategies to build on the strengths of your leadership team and develop professional development plans to promote individual continuous improvement.

Hiring Practices/Procedures

Review your school’s or district’s current hiring practices and develop hiring guidelines to improve the recruitment and retention of highly qualified staff members.

Harassment in Workplace

      Keep your staff properly informed about the federal and state laws, rules, and regulations that govern the atmosphere that must exist within a working environment.

Leadership Team Building

Take your leadership team through a series of exercises and experiences that will help to make them a more cohesive group and united in their efforts to achieve the goals of the school or school district.

School/District Accreditation

Explore the benefits of accreditation and define the needed steps and quality standards necessary for obtaining accreditation.

Alternative Salary Schedule

Discover a different way to pay staff members, completely away from the traditional salary schedule, that gives school district governing boards much more flexibility in the allocation of tightening budget funds.

Succession Planning

Learn the definition and process for successful succession planning and develop a leadership plan for your school or district.

Teacher Mentoring

Have access to a very detailed, year-long Teacher Mentoring Program, adaptable to the needs of your school/district, which will assist with the very difficult, but successful transition of a new teacher into a new school/district.  

Hearing Officer Training

Attend a series of trainings that will lead to becoming a certified Hearing Officer in Arizona with the ability to conduct student discipline hearings that could lead to a student’s long-term suspension from school or permanent expulsion from the school district.

Strategic Communications

Develop a communication plan that involves all stakeholders and can be expanded to a marketing plan for your school or district.

Driver Education Endorsement

After a six-year absence, Arizona teachers now have an opportunity to take a series of three 45-hour workshops that can lead to adding a Driver Education Endorsement onto their teaching certificates.

Change Process

Define the steps in the change process and how to increase stakeholder engagement with so many changes being mandated to schools and districts.

Grant Writing Training

Learn the basic process to seek out appropriate grants, what grant awarders are looking for and some strategies that may help you being successful in securing grants.

Preparing Administrators for Student Discipline Hearings

Learn the notification rules and timelines that must be observed prior to conducting a student discipline hearing.  Participants will also learn how to prepare to participate in the student discipline hearing.

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