School Conflict Resolution


The following is intended to provide you with the steps to assist in resolving any conflict you may encounter at your school.

First, determine if the issue is in the classroom or school wide? If it is a classroom issue, please discuss with the teacher. If it is school wide issue, please read on:


I am upset with my school. I don’t feel students are being properly disciplined and I have several issues with the school’s dress code policy!

Step 1

The first step is to speak with your school principal. Many issues can be resolved by speaking with the school principal.

What if my issue is still not resolved after speaking to the principal?

Step 2

If your issue has still has not been resolved, your next step is to contact the district superintendent.
See the School District Administration List find your school district’s superintendent.

I am still unhappy with the response I get from the district superintendent. What can I do now?

Step 3

Your next step is to contact the Governing Board members to see if the issue can be resolved. You can request that your issue be placed on the next available Governing Board agenda or speak during the ‘Call to Public’, which is at the beginning of all board meetings. Governing Board meetings are public meetings and individuals may address Board members to discuss unresolved issues at these meetings. Should parents/individuals voice a similar opinion, they may address the Governing Board as a group.

Many concerned parents and I are very upset with the Governing Board and feel they are not listening to the community and parents. They have all the “power” and refuse to change out-dated policies or create new policies desperately needed. What can we do?

Step 4

Your school district’s Governing Board members are elected officials. The local community elects Governing Board members. It is the community who retains all the power to affect those who hold those positions. The County School Superintendent does not have disciplinary jurisdiction over Governing Board Members. These positions are available to anyone who wants to run for a Governing Board member position. You may contact our office to begin the process should you wish to exercise this right.




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